Dental iQ – An Interview with Rajen Nagar

Some of you may have heard of a new app development called Dental iQ emerging over the past few months. Dental iQ is an app masterminded by a good friend Rajen Nagar. I want to meet him for coffee and a quick chat about this new highly anticipated app which will be readily available on the App store on 5th February 2016.


AV: Hi Rajen, could you please tell us a bit about this app you have created?

RN: Dental iQ is a full breadth education app which has the main objective of providing education for Dentists, Dental students & other dental based professionals improve their knowledge base via an application. we have just released our first edition of the app which includes Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) to aid learning on the go.

AV: That sounds very exciting indeed. How & what kind of questions do you formulate for this app?

RN: The content we have in the Dental iQ database is all expert driven with a team of 30 – 40 specialists across all dental fields situated nationally alongside a student team. Their role is to formulate & verify the questions alongside the tutors before we accept & publish them within the data bank. We have over 1000 questions in the databank now with feedback. It really there to help dental professionals maintain their dental knowledge & to ensure that it is current along with us also updating the data bank more regularly with current guidelines of practice.

AV: Brilliant stuff, where did the whole vision of Dental iQ come from?

RN: I think it came form the fact that there were not many great apps out their for education in dentistry. There were some apps, but they were very selective in what they taught. Therefore I wanted to try and bring something more holistic to the table where I thought there would be a niche. I guess the main vision was just creating a dental educational service. Interestingly it just started off with myself creating an app with my own personal questions and then I sought to further exploit this on a larger scale. I tried to get some app developers in India to take a look on this but I had no luck because they did not see the concept the way I saw it. Brought my ideas to some developers and investors here, that is when I began to see the app really take shape. We grew larger with more established names & experts on board with the idea and it just has been going well since then!

AV:  What were your biggest hurdles in this project?

RN: The biggest hurdle was the technology barrier. I have no substantial knowledge with regards to app technology & I can only do basic forms of coding but nothing major. When I first started the project, I started to enquire abroad about the technical side of things due to the costs for coding & development are much more affordable. However, I was not getting the vision & quality of the product that I was expecting. So I soon realised that I needed to put down a hefty investment to make this work. So I had to put more in alongside investment & I got a lot more out of this project too! After this hurdle, the 2nd biggest challenge was to try & convince people to back this proposition & idea for consultants to take their time out & kindly write some questions for me. There is a lot of delegation and strategy that needs to be employed on a daily basis, but it is also a lot of fun at the same time & I do enjoy it!

AV: Well as Uncle ben always said; with great power comes great responsibility! When are we looking to see the official app being unveiled?

RN: The app will be officially unveiled on February 5th 2016. The beta launch is coming out today!

Well thats all folks! Another inspirational individual to aspire to!  I think it is fair to say that from Rajens experience & my own, going for the ‘cheap option’ is not always the BEST option. You need to put in a little more if you wish to get out what you seek!

Have a great day, until next time!